We are open to submissions and ideas for publications both for print and online. If you are an author interested in publishing your work or an editor with an original idea for a publication, send us your proposals. We can work with you to present your work with the highest standards of quality.


We are dedicated in taking seriously the “lesser” forms of literature such as horror, science fiction, fantasy and detective fiction. We are very interested in the historical study of these genres but we are also open to works of fiction by new authors.


If you have a finished work you can send us a manuscript. If not, write a detailed proposal including table of contents, detail outline, any possible sample chapters, size of the work and a review of similar publications (if any). If you plan to use images please write us what you will need in detail. If you plan to include the work of other people in your project (whether images or texts) check the copyright status of the material you wish to use. In any case, and especially for non-fiction works, attach some information about yourself with your proposal (a simple CV will be fine).