The following months will be quite busy. Our plans include to continue our two series with some very interesting books, more books out of these series and our first online project.

William Morris

We are already working on the next two titles of the series, The Story of the Glittering Plain and The Wood beyond the World. While the first two books were historical fantasy, these two are more pure fantasy, more typical of Morris’s work. They are quite small compared to what comes next and are considered among the best of Morris’s fantasy works. Both books will be published early on 2015. Later in the year you should expect the highlight of the series, The Well at the World’s End, the most famous of Morris’s fantasy works. All these works were originally published by Morris himself at the Kelmscott Press in editions that count among the most beautiful books ever printed. This will give us incentive to further work on the series design.

Scientific Romances

We have two titles programmed for publication and have already started working on them. One is Omega, The Last Days of the World by Camille Flammarion. This was originally published in French in 1893 and the English translation was serialized one year later in Cosmopolitan and then published in book form. Taking place in the 25th century, it is an apocalyptic tale describing the last days before a comet strikes Earth. The English edition is beautifully illustrated and we are already working in digitizing them. Camille Flammarion is one of the most important French writers of Science Fiction in the 19th century, comparable to Jules Verne.

The second title is The Mummy! or A Tale of the 22nd Century by Jane Webb Loudon. The Mummy (nothing to do with the film of the same title) was published in 1827, just four years after Frankenstein which was apparently a source of inspiration for Loudon. Although the main subject is the reanimation of dead body, as in Frankenstein, there are various subplots of political intrigue, love and war. There are also many interesting (and sometimes funny) predictions about life in the 22nd century. Overall it is a very entertaining work which can be of great interest to Steampunk fans.

Both books will be published in Spring 2015.

Other projects

We are planning a new series of deluxe editions of classic horror novels. We are already working on Dracula, but the project is still at an early stage. We should have something in 2015 but most probably it will be after Summer.

Last, but not least, we expect to make public our first online publishing project later in 2014. It is a website containing almost all the original Sherlock Holmes stories. It is made mostly for experimental and demonstrative purposes since there are already some very good websites with the same material.